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Las Vegas is full of NOPE

Las Vegas has many interesting sights to see.  Shows, concerts, aquariums, exhibits, tours and more.  As someone who covers Vegas for work, I have seen a lot of these sights.

For my Birthday, my wife and I went to Vegas for a few days of fun and celebration.  We've been there and done that, so we were looking for something different.

There is plenty of 'different' in Vegas as well.  As different as you want to be, with very little limitation.

It was the big '33' for me, so I wanted to do things in threes.  We went to 3 bars, did 3 shows, and planned on going to 3 'new/different' places.

But different place #1 derailed all of that.

The girl working the front desk at our hotel recommended the Erotic Heritage Museum.  Fun place for couples, showing the history of sex and lots of exciting 'exhibits.'

We bit, and decided to go.  As we were pulling into the area, it started to get seedy.  The museum is on Industrial Parkway, which is the 'backdoor' entrance to many strip hotels.

Things looked very backdoor.  In the museum's parking lot itself, there were dilapidated cars, and what looked like a drug-deal happening.  The building is attached to a local strip club, and some scummy patrons were loitering around.

My wife is fairly attractive, and she was dressed to impress.  She didn't like the idea of walking through a bunch of horny, grubby men to get to the museum.

We both looked at each other and went:

...which is funny, because I grew up in a ghetto-ish area.  I'm used to being in dicey situations, but this just looked too much for the both of us.

Luckily, google maps had an inside tour of a lot of the museum.  We did the virtual tour, didn't pay admission, and there were no awkward situations to confront.

Have any of you been to the museum?  Is it worth going, even though the parking lot looks like 'park at your own risk?'

We should have just made the 3rd '3' a threesome.  Oh well.
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