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Idaho (me) Goes to a Colorado Pot Shop

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know Colorado is now selling marijuana for recreational use to anyone 21 or over.  In fact, recent reports are showing that tax revenue generated from this law is exceeding expectations.

News stories show Texans coming in droves to Telluride.  Tourists from Wyoming, California, Minnesota taking 'pot tours' of the city, seeing sights while stoned.

And now I am going to share my story.  Not many Idahoans in the news, and I recently went to Colorado, so I decided to be the Idahoan ambassador for Colorado's marijuana stores.

I went earlier in the month, on business, and didn't see as many lines as the news stories showed.  My hotel was within walking distance to a pot shop, and I never saw a traffic rush or a swarm of stoners.

I asked a local friend where would be the best place to shop, and she recommended a store near the Denver/Lakewood border.  Again, no lines, but there was a bouncer checking ID before anyone could go in.  Their security measures were super-tight, and they explained it was "to protect minors and other non-legal people" from entering the store.

Overall, my ID was checked twice.  I was told it would have been checked a third time if I had actually purchased something, but I didn't.

(oh yeah, disclaimer:  I didn't come to Colorado, or even the pot shop, to get stoned.  This trip was for research and understanding only.  Sorry if you were expecting an "I'M SO WASTED" narrative)

I wasn't shocked to hear I was their first patron from Idaho.  The store had a US map, and had little green dots on states, signifying where "the pot pilgrims are coming from."  They said I was state #27, and Idaho's first.  An honor.

Because I get insomnia on the road, I asked what would be good to help me get relaxed and sleep.  The consultant behind the counter helped show the different strains of marijuana, what they did, how they would help certain ailments, and which ones were popular with the recreationists "just looking to get wrecked."

They also showed me their line of edibles, popular for people trying to be more discreet.  There were THC-infused chocolates, pastries, brownies (of course) and these little gummy things.

Edipure makes a line of cannabis candies.  Gummy bears, peach rings, cola bottles, you name it.  These were definitely my favorite thing about the trip, because I could see how some of these at a movie theater could be loads of fun.

And yes, I know the law treats marijuana like alcohol.  No public consumption, no driving under the influence, etc.  Just, when I think of candies and gummies, I think "Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby..."  (And come on, who hasn't snuck a flask of booze into a theater for merriment with friends?)

Although I didn't buy anything, I did enjoy the trip.  Customers were all mature, inquisitive, and responsible.  The employees at the shop were helpful, secure, and made sure people were well-aware of the do's and don'ts of the laws and weed in general.  Overall, it looks like a well put-together venture for the state of Colorado, and I hope this kind of business model spreads to other states mature enough to handle it.

And maybe one day, I'll be back, to buy some jelly beans and to experience things first-hand.  We'll see.
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