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Hey @NFL, The Ravens Fans Are Right. BULLSH*T!!

I love my football.  I'm a Panthers fan, true and true (even though we were embarrassed this week by the Giants) and love to watch the game.

I am in four, FOUR fantasy football leagues this season.  That should show my love of the game.

(or my lunacy)

But I am getting fucking TIRED of these replacement referees who don't understand this game, and the differences between college and pro football.

On Sunday Night's Patriots/Ravens game, the fans started chanting "BULLSHIT!!  BULLSHIT!!" after yet another bad call by the replacement referees.

Game after game, week after week, we see their ineptitude.  Bad calls, bad ball placements, succumbing to player peer pressure, not controlling players, and just plain sucking.

If the Ravens lost that game due to bad calls, I would beg the NFLPA to strike, but luckily the Ravens pulled through.

I miss the old refs.  They were blind, but I'd prefer the blind refs to the idiots on the field.

Some of the replacement refs can't even speak proper English...

Feel free to go to ESPN's website to look at all the gaffes in week 3 alone.  Penalties not called, extra challenges granted, and stupidity stupidity stupidity.

The NFLPA has the power to strike, based on the deficiency of the refs and the lack of integrity (and safety) of the game.  As much as I love watching football during this time of the year, I believe the NFLPA should take action.

I am willing to give up a few weeks of half-assed football in order to get the real referees back on the field and show Roger Goodell that he is fucking up the integrity of this game.

Threatening players and coaches with fines if they don't respect these scabs is not helping.  Go threaten the replacement refs.  Learn how to do your damn job, and don't let players coaches or fans intimidate you.

Refs:  You are meant to be hated.  You are meant to be boo'd.  You can't be anyone's friend.  Do your damn job, make some enemies, and keep this game at the high standard it needs to be.

Or else I'll do like Bill Belichick tried to do in week 3, and like John Fox tried to do in week 2.  I'll call you out, and try to rough you up if given the chance.

Fellow football fans, I am sick and tired.  I know you are too.  Is there anything we can do?  You bet.  Tell the @NFL on twitter how you feel.  Share, retweet and help this post go viral.

Stand up loudly and proudly, saying "I am fed up with these replacement reps, and want the integrity of the game restored."

Or if you're a Ravens fan, keep chanting.  BULLSHIT!  BULLSHIT!!  BULLSHIT!!!
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